Time wounds all heels.
It is the Monday-est Wednesday I’ve had in awhile. It started with snotty emails from ungrateful clients, moved to a traffic jam in a storm, and has ended with me running errands for my employer in Fourways Mall. I’m feeling run-down, trodden on, and rushed off my feet in the worst possible way. That’s when I spot it: an oasis in the middle of a chaotic day, and the only way to restore my sole(s): Dream Nails in Fourways Mall. The welcoming white and hot pink draws me into this little slice of heaven.

Walking in a Dream
Now I’ll admit that unlike my experience with spray tans, I’m no novice at treating my toes. When it comes to a pedicure, I know what I like (some might say, I’m quite par-toe-cular). I like my feet to look good, especially with summer and open-shoes now officially here. So when I see the comfy-looking loungers with basins before them, I’m thrilled. This is the only way to do a pedi, if you ask me.

Feeling like a queen
Thabisa settles me in and offers me a refreshing lemon water. She’s enthusiastic about her job, and we chat away about life like we’ve been friends for years. This is great. As an introvert, I hate trying to make awkward conversation with people, but she’s warm and welcoming, and helps me relax instantly. She’s been in the industry for five years and tells me that despite the name, Dream Nails does just about everything, from waxing and massages to facials and tints. Plus they have a lot of men that come into the salon for treatments too. All this while she’s shaping my toes and scrubbing my heels.

The best part
If you’ve never had a pedi (um, where have you been?) you might not know that painting on the polish is literally the tip of the iceberg. There’s at least an hour’s worth of pampering that goes into prepping the feet before that point, and the best part (if you ask me) is the scrub and massage. Thabisa agrees, it’s her favourite part too and she’s an expert at it. By the time she’s ready to paint, I’m practically passed out in the chair, I’m so relaxed. All too soon the purple paint I picked goes on, and she’s helping me put my shoes back without smudging. As I’m ushered out the door with smiles from Thabisa, I feel like the stress of the day has been scrubbed off me, and I make a mental note to come back to this particular therapy chair soon.


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