Gin cocktail recipes FTW!

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Gin recipes
The gin craze is not going anywhere, phew, so we are trying all of these gin cocktail recipes! While there is nothing wrong with good old lemon and mint in a GnT, there is a whole universe of possibilities waiting out there for us....

Easy and tasty recipes for Meat-Free Mondays

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Vegetarian recipes
Whether it’s for environmental, ethical or health reasons, we all know that we should be eating less meat. Getting on board with Meat-Free Mondays (or sometimes Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays) is easier than you think, especially with these yummy and easy recipes. Even the...

Stay healthy at these Fourways restaurants

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Healthy eating out
It’s that time of year when we all intend to be healthy, but then you end up at a restaurant with friends and your wellness resolutions fly out the window (usually on buffalo wings and blue cheese sauce). So we set out to find...

Recipes the whole family can bake

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Family baking
It’s holidays, so we’ve got the time to round up the children and have a family baking session. We found the recipes that kids of all ages can accomplish – some harder than others – to get into the festive spirit.

Salads that don’t suck

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Salad recipes
Can we be honest for a minute? We know we’re supposed to eat salads but sometimes they are just a little… well… sucky. Too much limp lettuce, sad tomatoes, dressing that tastes like it’s been in the fridge just a week too long. And...

Treat yourself to something sweet

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Sweet treats
Sometimes, the only thing that will do is something sweet. Chocolates, cookies, snacks… We love it all. A recent trip to Fourways Mall got our taste buds very excited. These are the treats we picked up. Made with love Poetry stocks Winston & Julia’s handmade...

The best spots for sundowners

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Cocktail spots
A cocktail (or 2 – just call an Uber) is the perfect way to end a balmy summer day, so we rounded up 4 of our fave cocktail spots. Naughty and nice When there’s an entire section on the cocktail menu called “3-Ways”, you know there’s...

Scrumptious sticky recipes

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Stick Food Kebab Recipes
Eat like a Greek Greek food is just sooooo good, and nothing is more representative of Greek food than lamb koftas. These flavoursome little snacks might not look like much, but they’ve got all the rich flavours of Corfu crammed in, plus they’re easy to...

Cool off with our fave summer treat: ice cream

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Ice cream
When the days are dazzlingly bright and hot and you feel like you’re melting, you know it’s time for ice cream. We went in search of four amazing sweet treats and were not disappointed! Sweet or salty Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt is always tempting us with...

Summer calls for easy-breezy cocktails

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Summer cocktail recipes
Cool off on a long summer afternoon with these delicious summery cocktails. They’ll make you feel like you’re poolside – wherever you are. Invite your friends! Summer pops The kids get lollies in summer, so why shouldn’t we? The geniuses at Food and Wine came up with...