On chilly evenings we don’t always want to go out, but with these stew recipes from around the world, you can feel like you’re globetrotting while you’re really at home, warming up from the inside. Ready? Let’s cook!


Get the 411 Everything Fourways Goulash
Image courtesy of Woolworths Taste

The signature ingredient in this traditional Hungarian dish is smoky, warming paprika. This version is by local food darling, Siba Mtongana.


Get the 411 Everything Fourways Feijoada
Image courtesy of Simply Recipes

You might not think that stew is practically a national dish in Brazil, but this dish with black beans and beef is just that.


Get the 411 Everything Fourways Gumbo
Image courtesy of BBC Good Food

This Cajun dish hails from Louisiana in the US South and can include various ingredients, like sausage, shrimp, okra, bacon or mielies. We love this chicken version.  


Get the 411 Everything Fourways Cioppino
Image courtesy of Once Upon a Chef

The fishermen of San Francisco are to thank for this lip-smacking seafood stew. This recipe calls for clam juice (what?!) but you can substitute it with equal amounts of water and chicken or veggie stock.


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