Dunk it

We love Carmella’s on the Square at Cedar Square – great service, welcoming decor and delicious food of both the healthy and more decadent varieties. They make an amazing cappuccino (which goes perfectly with a slice of cake #justsaying). But if you are cutting down on sugar, you have to try their homemade sugar-free rusks. And take a bag home with you, too.

More, more, more!

The place where size definitely does matter, Mugg & Bean, has got an extra special treat for those of us with a sweet tooth: Bottomless hot chocolate! Our favourite, though, is the caramel and peanut butter latte, topped with whipped cream, crushed peanut brittle and drizzled with butter toffee sauce. We have to stop in whenever we shop at Fourways Mall.

Some like it hot…and bottomless.

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Colour me cosy

Going out for a cuppa doesn’t have to be a sugar frenzy. If you’re feeling virtuous, go directly to Doppio Zero at Pineslopes for an antioxidant latte. They say that turmeric picks you up better than coffee (we’re not entirely sure about that one but we’re willing to try) and matcha is full of green tea goodness. They also have a white chocolate mocha. (Chocolate is a superfood, right?)

Something quieter

For me-time, Scoobs is what you need. The book lover’s paradise at Montecasino has a lovely coffee shop so you can sip and browse all afternoon. There are also yummy sweet treats on offer. Ferrero Rocher cake, anyone? Vegans take note, you can get a mean cappuccino here.


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