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We’re jumping for joy – it’s a long weekend!

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Weekend entertainment

So delicious!
The annual DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival is back! As usual, there’s an amazing summer vibe, music (this year’s headliner Erykah Badu will be supported by Jazzanova, and British acid jazz band D’Influence) and so much good food! Wander down the Delicious Mile for a sampling of some of the best street food, or pop in to a pop-up restaurant for one of their signature dishes. There’s also a kid’s play area, and family tickets are available. It’s all happening on 22 and 23 September at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.  

Take the leap
Want to feel like you’re on top of the world? Who doesn’t? Want to jump off a crane that’s 50 metres high? Um… Play at Height is that crane at Pineslopes, but you don’t have to bungee off it if that isn’t your thing. You can very sensibly stay at the top and have a drink while you enjoy the gorgeous views from the Sky Bar. There’s also abseiling and wall climbing. We’ll see you at the top!

Tickle your funny bone
When it comes to laughter, what’s better than the best? Jimmy Carr’s Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits – that’s what. Experience the dark humour of this British comedian at The Teatro on 21 and 22 September.


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The braai without the smoke
If you’ve got a hankering for some Braai Day flavours but don’t want to stand around the flames yourself, the Beerhouse at Pineslopes has you covered. Spend your public holiday listening to live music and enjoying 40% off Brew BQ platters. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Mmmm… beer…”  


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It’s always a good time to share a beer with your buddies! 🍺 = 😁 . . Photo by: @jarrydmichael_dude . . #atBEERHOUSE

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Add the sizzle to your braai with these hot recipes!

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Braai recipes

Heritage Day is coming up, which means South Africans from all walks of life are getting their braais ready. We went looking for some recipes with a twist, and found flavours of Asia, Spain and biltong – of course!

Nice spicy rice
Jan Braai, the man behind Braai Day, isn’t only about chops and wors (nothing wrong with them, though). His recipe for chicken, seafood and chorizo paella is fragrant, spicy and totally delicious

Image courtesy of Jan Braai

Hot chick
If you think that Thailand and braais don’t go together, think again. This dish of chicken thighs with lime and ginger by Food and Home has all our favourite Thai ingredients, along with a hot kick of ginger and chili. Just add more to turn up the heat.

Image courtesy of Food and Home.

Rock it old school
Steak is a braai stalwart for a reason – juicy, delicious, tasty. Mmm… This recipe from Woolworths adds an extra punch with herby butter and spring onions. And check out their video – they actually cook the steak right on the coals.

Image courtesy of Woolworths Taste.

Super local, super lekker
Good old braai broodjies get a scrumdidlyumptious sprinkling of biltong in this cheesy, jammy recipe from Food24.

Image courtesy of Food24.

Treat yourself to something sweet

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Sweet treats

Sometimes, the only thing that will do is something sweet. Chocolates, cookies, snacks… We love it all. A recent trip to Fourways Mall got our taste buds very excited. These are the treats we picked up.

Made with love
Poetry stocks Winston & Julia’s handmade chocolate. We couldn’t resist this bar of milk choc with praline mousse and roasted hazelnuts in its pretty wrapper. It’s almost too beautiful to eat. (We still ate it though.)

Tin-sel time
The stores are bursting with festive decor and treats, and we are not waiting for December to enjoy them. This selection of shortbread from Woolworths is packaged in a fun tin and includes all-butter triple chocolate shortbread, spicy ginger shortbread and pecan and fudge shortbread. Yum!

Guilt free
Have you been to the revamped Checkers at the Mall yet? It is bursting with amazing products, like these salted caramel and coconut chips. The Simple Truth range is full of goodness, and these treats are vegan, organic, high in fibre and baked instead of fried. Other flavours include Peruvian cocoa, French sea salt and smoked chilli.

Natural goodness
Keep snacktime healthy and get your sweet kick with fresh fruit. Food Lover’s Market has all the varieties you can think of at amazing prices. Make the most of summer’s delicious fruit: peaches, watermelons, apricots, figs, berries… Our fave spoil is cherries.


Get ready for the woof-end!

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Entertainment

Our local LOL spot, Parkers Comedy Club at Monte, is hosting four hot comedians from 8 to 10 November. Get ready to giggle with laugh masters Richelieu Beaunoir, Warren Robertson, Francois van As and Conrad Koch. Tickets are R120.

For the furbabies
This one’s for the doggies! Mutters Dog Day is here and it’s all about having fun with your four-legged family and raising much-needed funds for animal charities. It’s on 10 November at La Vue Guest Lodge & Function Venue in Muldersdrift. Expect loads of fun events, like obstacle courses, cutest puppie prizes, dancing with dogs and the mutt parade. And if your doggo is determined not to win an activity-based prize, enter the dog and owner lookalike competition. Kids under 12 and dogs get in for free, and if you have a rescue dog, you pay only R30!

Prime entertainment
One of our favourite local bands, Prime Circle, has put together a super hot music festival – Prime Fest. There’s a stellar lineup with Riky Rick, Majozi, Jo Black, Mafikizolo, Good Luck, Fokofpolisiekar, Timo ODV and the Martin Bester Band – and Prime Circle themselves. It’s at Casalinga on 10 November, from 11am, with fun stalls, car demos and loads of music. Get your tickets!

Spinning – not the sweaty kind
If you’re into collecting vinyl or love African music, you need to get to the Radio Bantu Native Vinyl Fair on 11 November at NIROX. A range of retro vinyl will be on sale, but if you’re a digital soul without a turntable, you can chill on the lawns with a picnic while DJs spin isicathamiya, African jazz, kwela, goema and African jive mbaqanga, along with a selection of 60s classics from around the world. Sounds like a perfect Sunday.


My mid-week guilty pleasure

Everything Fourways, Dream Nails, pedicure

Time wounds all heels.
It is the Monday-est Wednesday I’ve had in awhile. It started with snotty emails from ungrateful clients, moved to a traffic jam in a storm, and has ended with me running errands for my employer in Fourways Mall. I’m feeling run-down, trodden on, and rushed off my feet in the worst possible way. That’s when I spot it: an oasis in the middle of a chaotic day, and the only way to restore my sole(s): Dream Nails in Fourways Mall. The welcoming white and hot pink draws me into this little slice of heaven.

Walking in a Dream
Now I’ll admit that unlike my experience with spray tans, I’m no novice at treating my toes. When it comes to a pedicure, I know what I like (some might say, I’m quite par-toe-cular). I like my feet to look good, especially with summer and open-shoes now officially here. So when I see the comfy-looking loungers with basins before them, I’m thrilled. This is the only way to do a pedi, if you ask me.

Feeling like a queen
Thabisa settles me in and offers me a refreshing lemon water. She’s enthusiastic about her job, and we chat away about life like we’ve been friends for years. This is great. As an introvert, I hate trying to make awkward conversation with people, but she’s warm and welcoming, and helps me relax instantly. She’s been in the industry for five years and tells me that despite the name, Dream Nails does just about everything, from waxing and massages to facials and tints. Plus they have a lot of men that come into the salon for treatments too. All this while she’s shaping my toes and scrubbing my heels.

The best part
If you’ve never had a pedi (um, where have you been?) you might not know that painting on the polish is literally the tip of the iceberg. There’s at least an hour’s worth of pampering that goes into prepping the feet before that point, and the best part (if you ask me) is the scrub and massage. Thabisa agrees, it’s her favourite part too and she’s an expert at it. By the time she’s ready to paint, I’m practically passed out in the chair, I’m so relaxed. All too soon the purple paint I picked goes on, and she’s helping me put my shoes back without smudging. As I’m ushered out the door with smiles from Thabisa, I feel like the stress of the day has been scrubbed off me, and I make a mental note to come back to this particular therapy chair soon.


Poolside safety tips for the kids

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Pool Safety

We love lazing around the pool on long summer days, reading or chatting under an umbrella and splashing in the water to cool off. But there are some things we all need to know to keep the kiddies safe. Here’s the scoop.

Eyes are the best
Nothing beats adult supervision when it comes to pool safety. That doesn’t just mean you and your buddies having a jol while the kids swim. One of you needs to be paying attention the whole time the little ones are in the pool. Take turns. If you are a parent, it’s a good idea to do a first-aid and CPR course, too.

Next is nets
Actually, fences and covers. It’s important that the pool is off limits to children when it’s not swimming time. Make sure that the latch on the gate is high enough so that little arms can’t reach it. A pool cover is also a good idea (and keeps the leaves out) but you need one that is strong enough to support the weight of a child – not all of them do, so double check.

Teach them how it’s done
Swimming lessons are a must if you have a pool at home. Even when your little ones are very little, lessons can teach them water safety skills, as well as grow their confidence in water so they are less likely to panic if they fall in. There are a number of swimming schools in Fourways that offer lessons to babies from 6 months. Google will show you the answers.

Sun safe
Like that song tells us, always wear sunscreen – choose a waterproof one with a high SPF and reapply it every time your child gets out the water. Avoid the sun between 12pm and 3pm. Sunsuits and rash vests are also good ideas. Mr Price Sport (which is just about to open at Fourways Mall!) and Sportsmans Warehouse (at Fourways Crossing) have a great range.  

The best spots for sundowners

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Cocktail spots

A cocktail (or 2 – just call an Uber) is the perfect way to end a balmy summer day, so we rounded up 4 of our fave cocktail spots.

Naughty and nice
When there’s an entire section on the cocktail menu called “3-Ways”, you know there’s a good time on the horizon. These tall glasses served at Cubana at Cedar Square have 3 layers of flavour – the more the merrier! You’ve gotta try this one that combines purple passion crush and black tequila, orange juice and Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels and pineapple.

Rip roaring fun
Chicago’s Piano Bar (at Waterford) is the place to be for roaring 20s-style entertainment. Order yourself a Big Swing and let the fizz of ginger ale and gin go straight to your head. And then head straight to the dancefloor.

Easy tiger
For a modern take on roaring entertainment, Tiger’s Milk is where it’s at. (And it’s at Cedar Square.) Get there between 4 and 7pm every day for their Pick Your Poison special: 2 for the price of 1 on select wine, beer and cocktails. Choose between a Thyme to Fig Out (gin, fig, thyme, lemon and Pongrácz), Gogo Juice (Olmeca Black, cucumber, kale and lemon – for the health conscious obvs) or a classic daiquiri.

Foxy Roxy
Drinks, eats, tattoos, quirky decor… There are plenty of reasons to go to Roxanne’s Rum Eatery at Pineslopes. Here’s one more: The Maya Angelou. It’s a poetic blend of Bacardi, pineapple, coconut, activated charcoal and fresh lime juice. Ooh!

Scrumptious sticky recipes

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Stick Food Kebab Recipes

Eat like a Greek
Greek food is just sooooo good, and nothing is more representative of Greek food than lamb koftas. These flavoursome little snacks might not look like much, but they’ve got all the rich flavours of Corfu crammed in, plus they’re easy to make!

Image courtesy of taste.com.au

No one says no to bacon
You can’t lose with bacon, and the best of all is that it goes with sweet or savoury, plus it’s easy to wrap around things and put it on a stick! Pretend to be healthy by adding a date into the mix with these delicious bacon and date appetisers.

Image courtesy of All Recipes

Bless the USA
Corn Diggity Dog! If you’ve ever had this deep-fried sausage snack, you’ll know how crunchy and delish it can be. It’s a little trickier than making lamb koftas, but the effort of making these corn dogs is definitely worth it!

Image courtesy of Just a Taste

Cake pops
Sweet things on a stick immediately makes you think of ice-cream right? But there are so many delicious goodies that you can make using that bamboo tool! To round of your night of sticky-foods, try making these sweet and satisfying cake pops.


Did someone say weekend?

Another round of Halloween
Okay, technically this event is not about Halloween, but rather Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead. Enjoy Mexican food from over 24 vendors, and sample a variety of tequilas, punch up a pinata (we know you’ve always wanted to!) and enjoy our favourite boys, Mi Casa, along with Rubber Duc and Timo ODV. This is all going down at the Montecasino Outdoor events area, and tickets range from R50-R200.


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Speaking of Halloween
Because Halloween was on a Wednesday this year, it seems like the parties just never end, and we’re okay with that! If you missed your chance to dress up last weekend, or your kids really want to wear their costumes again, then head to the Mi Kinder Fun Day on Saturday at 9 am. There will be face painting, Latino music, arts and crafts, prizes for the best costume and more!


Put those potato pants on
You know the ones we’re talking about? The ones that protect your sensitive areas when cycling. The Telkom 947 is just two weeks away. If you’ve entered and want to get a feeling for this route, then join the guys from Design in Motion cycles as they do a recon of the route on Sunday morning, starting from 05:30 am. Get more info about this here.


Get your Christmas on
Some might say it’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping. If you’re nodding in agreement, and you’ve done your cycling for the day, then head to the Lonehill Park pop-up Christmas Market. Find gifts for your loved ones and enjoy a homemade snack and this travelling crafters market

Life’s a beach

Ride the wave
Summer is officially here, and there are less than 60 days left of the year. This means that soon all of Gauteng will drain out of the province and move down to the coast. Here’s where you’ll find all the things you need before you hit the beach this summer.

What kind of Octopus?
If you love those funky novelty shops that stock everything from glow tape and donkey wine stoppers, then you need to stop in at Gemini Octopus in Fourways Mall. Here you’ll not only find loads of great gift ideas, but they’ve also got a great range of funky beach towels and waterproof speakers – a must have for the summer.

Cowabunga dude
Don’t wear the same boardshorts that you’ve had since Matric Rage. It’s time to upgrade. So head to Surf Centre in Fourways mall for the latest boardie fashion, and maybe consider getting yourself a surfboard to use down in Durbs this year!

Flip-flops and Bronzers
If you’re going to be spending all your time on the sand this December, then you’ll want to look your tanned-best. Head to Gold Coast Tan in Cedar Square for bronzers to perfect your look. They also stock a wide range of womens and mens swimwear, kaftans, and most importantly, Ipanema flip-flops for long walks on the beach.


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Essential sunnies
Of course, no beach outfit is complete without the perfect set of shades. When we hit the beach, we always remember to put sunblock on (right?) but your eyes need protection too, which is why it’s worth investing in a good pair of polarised sunglasses. Hit Torga Optical, Fourways Mall Optometrists or Mellin’s to find your perfect pair for summer.

Let’s Taco ‘bout Mexican food

Same same, but different
The Dia de los Muertos is the Mexican Day of the Dead, and happens annually over the first two days in November. Although it takes place around the same time as Halloween, the two festivals couldn’t be more different. Dia De Los Muertos is less about spooky fun, and more about affirming life and remembering lost loved ones in a colourfully-bright ceremony full of food and music. It’s also not limited to Mexico, but is celebrated in a range of forms around Latin America. Here are some less-traditional ways to celebrate it in Fourways


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Mexican Munchies
Of course, the Dia de los Muertos is the perfect excuse to satisfy your salsa craving! Gorge yourself on all those drool-worthy Mexican dishes, like chilli poppers, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, chilli con carne and more from Mexican Fresh in Fourways Mall.


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Cigar, anyone?
A Latin American holiday calls for a Cuban cigar to celebrate, right? Or maybe some champagne? Round up a group of friends and enjoy both at the Latin-themed Pedro Portia Cigar and Champagne lounge at Cedar Square.


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Get moving
There are two kinds of salsa in this world, one you can eat, and one you can move to. If you’re looking for a good reason to get dancing, then Dia de los Muertos is it! Why not try taking a salsa class at Dance Cafe where you can learn how to heat it up Havana style!

Learn to paint a sugar skull
These iconic face-paintings are to Dia de los Muertos what Jack O’ Lanterns are to Halloween. They are also known as Calavera Catarinas, and originate from a famous stylised skeleton by artist Diego Rivera. Learn to do your own sugar skull makeup with this easy tutorial.

Losing my spray-tan virginity

Get the 411 Everything Fourways Summer Joburg Spray Tan

The background
I’ve always had very fair skin, and too much time spent in the sun inevitably results in me going bright red, then back to pale. When the Twilight series came out in the early noughties, I no longer felt the pressure to be beautifully bronzed. But it’s been ten years since Twilight hit the shelves, and the sparkle has worn off, so to speak. So, knowing how bad conventional tanning is, I decided to get in touch with Gold Coast Tan to help me out.

The Prep
Victoria de Lima, owner and manager at Gold Coast Tan was extremely accommodating and very instructive about what I needed to do. “You need to exfoliate properly – front and back – before you come, we need fresh skin to work on.” Duly noted. “And a lofa won’t do the trick, you need those body gloves to exfoliate properly. Only use a simple soapbar, no fancy body washes from anywhere, and absolutely no cream. Remember loose fitting clothes and slops for afterwards.” So, dutifully and somewhat apprehensively I scrubbed my body to within an inch of its epidermis in preparation for my first-ever spray tan.

The experience
The moment I walked into Gold Coast Tan at Cedar Square, the faces of Ruth and Chantel lit up. The shop is like a little slice of summer, with bikinis, tanning creams of all kinds, Ipanema slops and men’s bathing shorts strung up everywhere. I was apprehensive, but Chantel assured me that the tan would look glorious when she was done. Into the back we went, and Chantel became part pilates instructor, part beautician as she directed me through the positions and motions to get the perfect spray tan. The little machine is like a reverse vacuum cleaner, instead of sucking up dust it spritzed me with mixture. As it hit my body, the spray was cool, and I’m glad it’s 29 degrees outside, but it smelled quite yummy, a mix of sweet and tangy scent lingering in the air. All-in-all it only took about 15 minutes before she was instructing me to put my pajamas on (they said bring loose fitting clothing okay?) and to come on out again when I was ready.

Summer ready
And ready I was! Alright, not quite. The thousands of people who’ve gone before me know all too well that spray tans need to set for 10-12 hours. Ruth was firm but kind “Absolutely no sweating, no showering, no bathing children or washing dishes. Just have a glass of wine and go to bed.” Sounds good to me. But as the tan starts to set, it does indeed look glorious. My skin is glowing and bronzed, and I think even it is surprised at the rich colour it has changed to. I bid Chantel and Ruth adieu, and they let me know that everyone is welcome at Gold Coast Tan. “Big, small, men, women, we’ve seen them all.” They also have their regulars, one of whom was waiting in the reception to get her tan done after me. Ruth reminds me as I’m leaving that now is the perfect time to get ready for summer, as we wind down towards the end of the year, and Joburgers gear up to head to the coast.


As a first-time spray tanner, I can honestly say that the staff here are exceptional, and as the days have gone by people have ooed and aahd at my perfect tan. Get in touch with them by visiting their website, or calling them on 011 467 8621. They also offer Tan Can sessions with membership options, fittings, beachwear, tanning lotions and moisturisers and more.