Being pregnant with my second child feels like a completely different experience to the first. With number one I marvelled at my growing belly, documenting it with weekly progress pics. I spent hours planning the nursery and all the gadgets and toys I needed to fill it with. I would soak in long hot baths to ease my back pains. At night, my husband would hold my belly and tell our unborn baby of all the things they would do together. It was very nice. Blissful in fact.

Come second time round, gone are the weekly progress pics. In fact I even forgot my scan pictures at the doctor’s office. My husband is only reminded that we’re having another baby everytime he sees my protruding belly and the bath is now filled with floaty toys and those sponge letter things. Our toddler commands all our attention – no wonder second child syndrome is a thing. Shame.

With being a mom, a wife and holding down a full time job while being pregnant, there’s not a whole lot of ‘me’ time. So when Mommy Wellness Day Spa opened up at Cedar Square I thought ‘screw it, let’s do it, I deserve a break!’ And let me tell you moms out there… it’s totally worth it!

Ready to be pampered!

Mommy Wellness Day Spa specialises in the wellness of mothers because ‘if a mommy is not happy, her family is not happy’. True story! Bally Matshelisho is the owner of the Cedar Square branch and greeted me with a warm, big smile. Coincidently, she is also 26 weeks pregnant like myself! In fact it was her pregnancy that sparked the decision to open a Mommy Wellness Day Spa.

Owner Bally with her 26 week baby bump

After chatting babies and pregnancy with Bally, I went into the treatment room with my therapist Cynthia. Decorated in soothing muted colours with gentle sounds of ‘spa’ music (you know the kind, windpipes and all) playing in the background, I immediately felt disconnected from the world. The bed was laid out with an enormous long pillow and plenty of towels to accomodate my bump, so I felt super comfortable. Cynthia then instructed me to take 3 deep breaths of ylang ylang and then I drifted off into massage heaven. For the next hour I was rubbed and kneaded in all the right spots in all the right ways. I came out feeling refreshed, revived and completely de-stressed. It was just what I needed.

What makes Mommy Wellness Day Spa different to your usual day spa is that they cater specifically for families. Moms (and dads) can bring the kids along and let them play in the kids area while you have your treatment. For older kids, you can enjoy joint treatments with the Mother & Daughter Pamper Specials. Dads can also get in on the action with Lad and Dad packages. There really is something for everyone. See their full menu here.

In house beauty range, Bella Roze

So if you still need a reason to visit Mommy Wellness Day Spa, here’s one: You deserve it.

Call 062 492 4512 to book an appointment 

Find Mommy Wellness Day Spa on the first floor above Smoke Daddy’s at Cedar Square.


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