If DIY makes you want to do this…

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… all you have to do is go to Build It at the Leaping Frog. (OK, and then you have to do the actual work, but this gets you off to a good start.) This is why.

A lick of paint

Build It stocks Plascon paint and they can mix up the colour that will bring fresh life to your home. They also have all the trays, rollers and bits and bobs that you need, as well as great advice on how to paint like a pro.

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Green fingers

No, we’re not talking about what happens when you’re painting the bathroom emerald and you make a mess. Turn your garden into a lush haven with Build It’s range of gardening equipment. You can get the seeds, tools and insecticides you need to create your private jungle.

Image courtesy of Build It

The heavy stuff

When you are going all out and are set to drill, wire or plumb, Build It has your back. Saws, sanders, spray guns and more are all available.

Image courtesy of Build It

Everything else

Build It makes DIY a dream, with delivery (there’s no way that we’d ever get a lawnmower in the back of our car!), credit, advice, and glass and board cutting. Don’t put off your DIY projects – just go to Build It!

Image courtesy of Build It



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