There’s nothing quite like a sofa when it comes to getting comfy, snuggling up for some Netflix and chill, or welcoming your friends and family into your home. Sofaworx at Cedar Square is the place to go to make your couch dreams come true.

All about the couch
As the name suggests, Sofaworx specialise in sofas. They have a wide range of styles, from the plump cushioned Le Petite to the sleek and modern Ronaldo – and everything in between. Have a look at their styles in the showroom and then customise your favourite by taking your pick of upholstery, either leather or fabric. Apart from the traditional sofas, they also have corner units and sleeper couches.

Where decor dreams come true
While the perfect couch is the heart of any lounge, you do need coffee tables, mirrors, cabinets and all those good things. Guess what – Sofaworx stocks all of these too, along with headboards, drawers, desks and ottomans. Basically everything you need for living room perfection.

Couches that care
Most of Sofaworx’s wooden furniture is imported from East Asia, but they are doing their bit for South Africa by supporting local industry when it comes to some wooden furniture and decor products. They also help the environment by supporting companies that use reclaimed and recycled wood. Basically, they’re good guys!

Tips for buying a sofa

  • Measure
    This may sound obvious, but aside from your sofa fitting into your lounge, you don’t want it squished up against the walls. Also take into account that you still want doors to open and close without smashing into your couch.
  • It’s an investment
    A good couch will form the centre of your living space. It’s an important item, so save up and buy the best one you can afford. Sofaworx offers a 10 year guarantee on the frame of their sofas and 2 years on the webbing, stitching, foam and fibre filling, so you know it’s going to last.
  • Keep it classic
    Giant palm leaves are a hot decor trend, but in 10 years, you might regret that they are printed all over your sofa. So go for a style that will last and use cushions and throws to keep up with the trends.
  • Consider your lifestyle
    If you have pets or kids, you’ll want something that doesn’t show stains. Sofaworx offers an anti-stain protection that gives you a 10 minute window to wipe away spills and smears.

Check out the Sofaworx showroom at Cedar Square or call them on 011 100 4792.


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