Everything’s better in Fourways (what other suburb has a Boeing 737 parked at the local mall?). Even our kids are better, because we have our very own Baby College.

Baby genius
Originally from the UK, Baby College offers a series of class for parents and young children to support their learning and development, all while having fun. There are three age groups:  0 – 9 months, 9 – 18 months, and 18 – 36 months, which target the specific needs of each age.

Learning + play = magic
The classes change according to the needs of your little one. With the infants, you get insights into the fundamentals of childhood development with fun and gentle activities that help you bond. Toddlers (9 – 18 months) are more aware of the world around them, so the classes include music play and rhythmic movement to promote language, listening, and body awareness.

Junior classes (18 – 36 months) are lots of fun and even more active, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor skills. Themes drawn from life experiences allow each individual child to express their creativity and imagination.

For grown ups too
Baby College offers advice from child development experts and healthcare professionals to help parents bond with their child and understand the various developmental milestones a child reaches. There are also courses that you can take, such as CPR and first-aid training, mommy and me fitness classes, and infant massage. When life and parenting get overwhelming, there’s a moms support group, too.

Happy little ones
Everything about Baby College is geared towards helping children reach their full potential and to get parents involved from the start. The result is that children are self-confident and prepared to take on pre-school – and then the world. Before you know it they’ll be telling you that when they grow up they’re going to be an astronaut magician or a dinosaur scientist chef.

Baby College is at Cedar Square. Call Michelle to find out more: 084 462 6313.


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