We love lazing around the pool on long summer days, reading or chatting under an umbrella and splashing in the water to cool off. But there are some things we all need to know to keep the kiddies safe. Here’s the scoop.

Eyes are the best
Nothing beats adult supervision when it comes to pool safety. That doesn’t just mean you and your buddies having a jol while the kids swim. One of you needs to be paying attention the whole time the little ones are in the pool. Take turns. If you are a parent, it’s a good idea to do a first-aid and CPR course, too.

Next is nets
Actually, fences and covers. It’s important that the pool is off limits to children when it’s not swimming time. Make sure that the latch on the gate is high enough so that little arms can’t reach it. A pool cover is also a good idea (and keeps the leaves out) but you need one that is strong enough to support the weight of a child – not all of them do, so double check.

Teach them how it’s done
Swimming lessons are a must if you have a pool at home. Even when your little ones are very little, lessons can teach them water safety skills, as well as grow their confidence in water so they are less likely to panic if they fall in. There are a number of swimming schools in Fourways that offer lessons to babies from 6 months. Google will show you the answers.

Sun safe
Like that song tells us, always wear sunscreen – choose a waterproof one with a high SPF and reapply it every time your child gets out the water. Avoid the sun between 12pm and 3pm. Sunsuits and rash vests are also good ideas. Mr Price Sport (which is just about to open at Fourways Mall!) and Sportsmans Warehouse (at Fourways Crossing) have a great range.  


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