It was Dr Seuss who said: “When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” That’s exactly what we did, and found these four reasons to be cheerful.

We live in Fourways
Well, duh! But it’s good to remind ourselves every now and again why this is the most wonderful suburb in Joburg. We’ve got the best of city life and some of South Africa’s prettiest natural getaways right on our doorstep. When you consider the people who make up our vibrant hood – the ones who step in and help out whenever someone posts on social media – and the delicious variety of restaurants and shops, hands down we have got it good.

A mini break
It’s that time of year when we’re in need of a break. Women’s Day is coming up on 9 August and it’s a Thursday. You know what that means? Take one day’s leave from work and get yourself a four-day weekend! There are some amazing escapes close by, so you don’t have to go far.  

Let the sunshine in
We’re so lucky that the sun still streams down on us, even in the middle of winter. Yes, it gets cold, but we love wrapping up in a snuggly scarf or coat. Speaking of cosy clothes, have you seen the mohair pop up store in Fourways Mall? It’s the end of the month – maybe treat yourself?

The future is bright
With all the new developments going on, Fourways is a hive of activity for sure. But in a few short months, Fourways Mall will be finished (with hundreds of brand new shops!) and the roadworks will be over too. Our property values are set to rise thanks to the developments and the flyovers that will go directly into the Mall parking will ease traffic congestion. We will certainly be zipping straight off Witkoppen and into the Mall!

Need a smile? This baby goat jumping on a trampoline is the best!



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