It’s holidays, so we’ve got the time to round up the children and have a family baking session. We found the recipes that kids of all ages can accomplish – some harder than others – to get into the festive spirit.

Try out these treats and watch their eyes widen with delight as they see their cookies rising or their masterpiece coming together. We’re not going to lie – the cleaning up can be a bit of a mission, but if you let the kids lick out the bowls, you’re halfway there!

Unicorn madness 
Look, we have never really been able to hide it, but we love unicorns, so when we found this recipe for unicorn white chocolate bark, we were super excited. Basically all you have to do is melt white chocolate, mix in food colouring, pour it out onto a sheet and decorate it with your choice of marshmallows, sweeties and sprinkles. (And if you can’t get enough unicorns in your kitchen, give these unicorn poo meringues a go!)

Image courtesy of BBC Good Food

Candy cane delight
Jamie Oliver has five kids, so if he says a recipe is kiddy friendly, you know he’s talking from experience. (Although… he might be a bit of a better teacher in the kitchen than we are.) His candy cane chocolate cookies have a little burst of mint and are decorated with crushed candy canes. He hangs his on the tree, but somehow we don’t think ours will hang around long enough to make it to the tree, let alone stay there!

Image courtesy of Jamie Oliver

Higher grade
If you are a talented, confident baker and you want to try a project, check out this gingerbread house recipe by Yuppiechef. It takes 2 days as the dough needs to rest (and we’ll need a break halfway through making this TBH), but once it’s baked, putting it all together and decorating it is super fun.

Image courtesy of Yuppiechef

Chewy and crunchy
If you need a less intimidating option, then Nigella Lawson’s marshmallow crispy squares are for you. Basically all you have to do is melt marshmallows and butter and then mix in Rice Krispies. The hardest part is waiting for them to set before you start eating.

fourways baking
Image courtesy of Nigella Lawson


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