There’s a brand-new kid on the block at Cedar Square: The Kids Gym! It’s a fun, non-competitive place where kids from 18 months (you gotta start them young if you want to raise the next Serena) to 15 years can get fit, strong and healthy.

The Kids Gym is kind of like a grown-ups gym in that there classes (like core fitness, tumbling and even Zumba!) but there aren’t any weights. Kids use their own body weight and state-of-the-art equipment to develop functional fitness in a fun way.

The NinjaZone is what we’re using to tempt our kids away from their gadgets and get moving. It’s a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle courses and freestyle movement that builds the strength, agility, stealth and mental prowess of trained ninjas!

The inspiration behind it all
The man with the vision for The Kids Gym is Glenn Joselowitz. The former gymnastics coach was inspired by his daughter Emily to create a space where children of all abilities could benefit from exercise and the skills development it brings. Emily was born with a rare neuromuscular condition, so he created a space that catered for her individual needs. If you have a special needs child, they are welcome at Kids Gym and the fitness experts can cater to their requirements.


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#Repost @beautifulnewssa ・・・ A parent will do anything for their child. When Glenn Joselowitz’s daughter was born with a rare neuromuscular condition, he was determined to provide her with the best care. Emily had arthrogryposis, a disorder causing stiff, weak joints. As an avid athlete and former gymnastics coach, Joselowitz knew exercise could change a life. So he took his daughter with him to gym, slowly but surely helping her build her strength and flexibility. But it wasn’t the right place for someone her age, surrounded by adults and giant equipment. She needed a space where she could be a child. “The idea for a kids’ gym was born when I imagined running a mile in my daughter’s shoes,” Joselowitz says. . . . . . #thekidsgym #childhoodunplugged #themagicofchildhood #fitkids #pixel_kids #boymomlife #instalike #motherhood #thehappynow #pixel_panda #mylifeinpictures #kidsgymnastics #kidsgym #indoorplay #HypeBeast #lensculture #exploremore #fitisfun #loveandlight #storytelling #postthepeople #makemoments #ohheymama #cityofcapetown #localislekker #lovelocalza #weheartsa #amazingcapetown #capetownsouthafrica

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Tailor made for kids
“At The Kids Gym, no one works-out alone. We have our own bespoke curriculum, which our trainers facilitate in a fun and safe way,” says Janet Mitchell, a trained physical educator and The Kids Gym co-owner. “Not only do the trainers ensure that activities are done correctly for maximum health benefit and to avoid injury, but they also act as positive role models, ensuring that the children remain excited, motivated and most importantly, safe.”


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We have EXPERT TRAINERS on hand at all times. . No one works out alone – there is always an experienced trainer to teach or supervise. . The Kids Gym has its own bespoke curriculum which is designed to enable children to achieve their age appropriate physical developmental milestones. . . . . #thekidsgym #childhoodunplugged #themagicofchildhood #fitkids #pixel_kids #boymomlife #instalike #motherhood #thehappynow #pixel_panda #mylifeinpictures #kidsgymnastics #kidsgym #indoorplay #HypeBeast #lensculture #exploremore #fitisfun #loveandlight #storytelling #postthepeople #makemoments #ohheymama #cityofcapetown #localislekker #lovelocalza #weheartsa #amazingcapetown #capetownsouthafrica

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Let’s do this!
You can get a membership or pay for one or two hour sessions. While your little ones get strong and have a whale of a time, you can chill out at the Ninja Bean Café with a healthy drink and low-GI snack.



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