So far, 2019 has been pretty great, and it’s about to get better. 230 new emojis will find their way into our phones this March to make our texts more expressive, inclusive and fun.

Who’s it for? 👩🏻‍🦱👩🏾‍🦰🧔🏿👩🏾‍🦲👦🏼
The short answer is everyone! The new emojis have been welcomed because they embrace racial, gender and body diversity. There are people in wheelchairs (both motorised and manual), with probing sticks, and making the sign for “deaf”. New objects include guide dogs, service dogs, hearing aids and prosthetic arms and legs.

Skin tone choice has been around for a while, but now we can have mixed-race couples: man and woman, woman and woman, man and man. Another new introduction is gender neutral people! Woo hoo!

Images courtesy of Emojipedia

It’s wild 🦄🦄🦄🦄
There are non-human additions too. We can’t believe that this whole time we’ve been living without orangutans and badgers! At least we’ve had unicorns. Our texting is going to a whole new level for sure. Other additions that seem obvious but somehow weren’t there before are an onion and garlic. The Unicode Consortium realised that if we can’t cook without them, then there was no way we could WhatsApp without them either. The new Y-fronts, however, we’re not so sure about. They look a slightly grubby too…

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

The Emoji police 👮‍♀️🚓🚨
Every year the Unicode Consortium releases new additions to the little pictures we know and love. (The Unicode Consortium sounds like the Emoji Mafia to us, but they don’t sit around counting piles of cash. They are actually a company based in Silicon Valley.) People can submit their requests for consideration, and if they are deemed good enough, they are added.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

WhatsApp you say? 📣👂
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