There’s a brand-new store at Fourways Mall that we cannot get enough of! Miniso is a Japanese brand that has just the right blend of cute, quirk and cool – not to mention being super reasonable when it comes to price. It’s no wonder we’re in love with it.

Everything you can dream of
First things first. Miniso has everything. We’re talking perfume, kids’ toys, shoes, bins, pens, sunglasses, cotton wool, headphones, bags, chopsticks, washi tape, goggles, massagers, toothbrushes, earrings, lunchboxes. And that’s just in aisle 1. Jokes – it’s spread out across the store. If you want something, you can be pretty sure Miniso has it.

That means cute in Japanese, and it’s exactly what you’ll find at Miniso. They have plush toys, zany socks, bears on teacups, Pink Panther USB cables… Where else can you get cute eyemasks for just R30?

Stop at Miniso for festive decor and stocking fillers for everyone. We won’t tell if a present (or 2) for yourself falls into your basket. Completely by accident, of course.

Miniso is at Fourways Mall, just around the corner from Jet, close to entrance 3.


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