There’s something about Fourways and wild animals. First it was the ducks, now it’s pangolins.

Our friend The Good News Guy told us something that made us happy: there’s a pregnant pangolin in our hood! The Fourways Vet Hospital is helping to look after the pregnant mom – she’s not there, though. She’s being kept at a secret location to protect her and her little one as pangolins are one of the most trafficked wild animals in the world.

After the birth and when everyone is healthy and happy, the mom and her baby will be returned to the wild.

Check out the fetal heartbeat. So adorable!

PREGNANT PANGOLIN: We were thrilled to find out one of our patients is pregnant! This is fantastic news for this endangered species. In this video, the fetus heartbeat is clearly audible, and so special to hear. We’re doing our absolute best to ensure this mother and baby are safely returned to the wild. Thanks Fourways Vet Hospital for your assistance with this case. *To ensure the safety of our staff and this endangered species, they’re housed off site in an undisclosed secure location. Johannesburg Wildlife NPC FNB Cheque account Account nr: 62658400264 Branch code: 255355 Swift code: FIRNZAJJ We treat indigenous animals free of charge, relying solely on the donations and support of our community. ____________________________________________________ 📷: Courtesy of Fourways Vet Hospital #keepingitwild #makingadifference #pangolin #endangeredspecies #pangolins #pangolinconservation #conservation #pregnant #babypangolin pangolinsofinstagram #donations #donationsneeded #wildlifeofinstagram #wildlife #wildlifeonearth #wildlifevet #wildlifephoto #wildliferehab #wildliferescue #picoftheday #animalphoto #animalphotography #animallover #animalrehab #animaladdicts #vet #vetstagram #vetsofinstagram #thisisafrica #patientoftheday

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If you’re not sure exactly what a pangolin is, it’s an ancient mammal that looks like an anteater with scales, and they can roll up into balls. Welcome to Fourways, little pangolin! It’s the best place to be!



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