With Eishkom dropping surprise loadshedding bombs on us, we got like Boy Scouts and prepared ourselves. We hit Fourways Mall to get the essentials we need to survive power cuts – because we are not the types to sit in the dark, sulking. (You know that there’s never a dull moment when we’re around.)

Get lit
We do have an emergency lantern that’s great for activities that need bright light, taking out contact lenses, but the super white glow isn’t the nicest for hanging out in the lounge. The answer is stocking up on candles – lots of candles. Mr Price Home has more candles than you can imagine, in various colours, scents and sizes. With short pillar candles starting from R30, you can get a bunch. A lantern is all you need to turn loadshedding into a cosy night in.

Don’t mess with my coffee!
Take away our coffee and we get grumpy. While we’re dreaming of a beautiful Italian gas stove with five hobs, we need a solution for right now. Cape Union Mart has a range of survival gadgets, and you don’t have to be dangling off the side of a mountain to get the most of them. This Fire Maple Gas Stove screws on top of dinky gas canisters and folds up neatly for when you don’t need it.

We still need to update our Instagram
Electricity might stop, but social media does not! Make sure your phone doesn’t go flat with this no-nonsense power bank from Dion Wired. It can charge two devices simultaneously, and if the power bank is fully charged, it’s got enough to pump up eight cell phones. Everyone’s going to want to be your BFF.

Munchies sorted
Say no to hangry, and say no to unhealthy snacks! Checkers Hyper stocks a range called Simple Truth that is free from all the nasties. Crackers, fruit gums, nuts, chips – all without MSG, colouring or sweeteners. Checkers Hyper also has a pretty sweet selection of wines and cheeses for when you can’t cook.


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