Everyone with their own business knows that there’s no such thing as #instasuccess – it takes actual work, and a lot of it! But before you get your nose to the grindstone, why not refresh your home office decor? After all, if you work in a space that looks great, you’ll want to spend more time in it, and it’ll be totally #instaworthy. We went shopping at Fourways Mall for office decor, and this is what we found.

Work zone
The cornerstone of any office is the desk. And if you’re in a small space and your desk needs to go in the corner, this Newport desk from Mr Price Home is for you. This Scandinavian inspired (but locally made) pale wood piece is stylish yet simple, and has handy compartments to keep your work space organised.

Power seat
Getting comfy and meaning business can happen at the same time in this Harvey chair from @home. With leather-like fabric, rich wood and dark steel, it looks awesome. And it’s got wheels, spins around and the seat height is adjustable. Not that we would ever mess around with those things as a way to procrastinate!

Get organised
Having everything in its place saves time and just makes your office feel calmer. The thing we love about these storage boxes from Beetroot Inc. is that you can pick your sizes and colours and stack them in the way that works best for you.

Sparkle and shine
Work is only dull if you let it be. Sprinkle some magic on your to-do list with this unicorn pencil holder from Sheet Street. We just love its gold horn and little eyelashes! Every time you reach for a pen you’ll get a pop of rainbow happiness.



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