Have you noticed that slight chill in the air? Cooler days are just around the corner, and this year we are not going to become lizard people with dry winter skin. So we popped into Sorbet at Fourways Mall to chat to our favourite beauty guru, Fifi, for some tips on winter beauty.

Face off

The best thing we can be doing for the skin on our faces is exfoliating and masking, says Fifi. A bit of a scrub sorts out the dead skin cells, and the masks restore moisture and nutrients, helping to give us a radiant glow. Try warming, nourishing masks, and don’t skip them if you have oily skin. Everyone needs a moisture boost during Jozi’s winter.


Two or three times a week, rub a cuticle oil into your fingertips to prevent dry skin and hangnails. You don’t need to fork out for a fancy one – Fifi recommends Vaseline.

Fifi’s tip: Vaseline works wonders on hands and feet. Cracked heels begone!

Great hair season

The secret to luscious locks is the same as your face – mask it up. (Fifi explains that your hair, skin and nails all have the same keratin layers, so you need to treat them the same way, and in winter that means moisture!) Head to the kitchen for your mask: coconut, olive and castor oils work well. You can even mush some avo in, or add a few drops of tea tree oil if you have dandruff.

Hot and spicy

New season = new makeup trends, and this year’s winter look is spicy and hot. Fifi recommends burgundies, and sexy reds – the kinds that warm you up just by looking at them. Balance the look with some nudes. Sorbet has just launched their new makeup range, so go and check it out.

Need some TLC?

The therapists at Sorbet can give you a beauty boost. Call them on 011 465 7399.



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