I think my colleagues are trying to tell me something. First, they sent me for a spray tan, next a pedicure, now a wax. Granted, my feminist commitment to Janu-hairy was starting to get to them (Once or twice I caught a muttered “Chewbacca” in our morning meetings). So I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when they booked me a wax at Dream Nails Beauty in Fourways Mall.

Mentally preparing myself

Pick a team
In case you don’t know, hair removal can be a pretty divisive subject among women. We’re binary, you’re either a shaver or a waxer, but you can never be both. Just like you can’t be both an N’Sync and a Backstreet Boy fan, you have to pick a favourite. I’ve always been a shaver, but lately I’ve been considering the detrimental effect this has on the environment (not just the disposal plastic waste, but the amount of water used during the process). In that respect, waxing is definitely the friendlier option.

Pre-wax preparation

My legs, in good hands
The one thing I always enjoy about Dream Nails in Fourways Mall is how friendly the staff is. The owner, Melissa is waiting for my arrival, and introduces me to Dineo. I also have a quick catch up with Thabisa who did my pedicure previously. Now, I have to be honest, I’m a complete sissy when it comes to pain, so I’m not particularly looking forward to willingly submitting myself to systematically having the hair stripped from my legs. Of course, I let Dineo in on this information. She assures me that she had been performing the procedure for a number of years, it’s her favourite thing to do at Dream Nails (“Sadist?” I silently ask myself). She then proceeds to regale me with stories of her regular customers, who have been known to kick her at times while she’s waxing their legs.

All the essentials

Here we go…
There’s a very careful process that is followed when waxing. First, Dineo wipes my spiky legs down with a cleanser to ensure against infection, and then covers it with a soothing oil, to prevent my skin from reacting negatively to the wax. Now, the real work starts. The two bubbling pots of wax are actually not for legs (that’s for the more… “delicate” areas, as Dineo puts it) rather, she uses a large device that keeps the wax nice and warm, which looks quite a lot like a very large roll-on deodorant. She coats my legs in the green goo, and then I watch with bated breath as she rubs the first strip on the first patch on my leg. I grimace, bracing for the pull, and quick as a flash, the strip comes off, along with a good bunch of hair (I can almost hear my colleagues’ sighs of relief from here). I can’t say it doesn’t hurt, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Before I know it, one leg is down, with one more to go. Once she’s done back and front, Dineo goes over my legs with a fine-toothed comb (i.e. a pair of tweezers) to ensure that she’s got all those pesky little fluffs off. Soon she’s lathering my now silky-smooth legs with soothing cream, instructing me to exfoliate in the morning, and ushering me out the door, it’s all done!

From start to finish

What you should know
Now, I must admit that I do have sensitive skin, so my legs were a little redder than they should be after my first wax, but Dineo assured me that the more often you do it, the less painful it becomes, and the smoother and finer your hair gets. If you’re considering waxing for the first time, here are some tips I recommend you try before you commit to the process:

  1. Make sure your hair is long enough before you go. Mine was a little too short, which irritated my skin more than it should have. Check with your therapist if it’s long enough before she starts.
  2. If you have sensitive skin, ask the therapist to do a test patch first to see how your leg responds to it.
  3. Find a therapist you trust who is experienced in waxing
  4. Don’t piss your colleagues off by exposing your overly-long leg hairs to them on a daily basis. Remember, they’re the ones who have to see it.  
I regret annoying my colleagues

Find DreamNails by the Checkers Entrance at Fourways Mall 


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