Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the starting line of the Grand Prix and the race director comes and tells you that you’re not allowed in the race because you’re in a Mazda 323 and you’re not an F1 driver anyway? So maybe that’s only happened to us (and it might have been a dream) but we can all feel the thrill of revving our engines at the starting line at Xtreme Indoor Karting at Cedar Square!

Take it to the max
Xtreme Indoor Karting takes go karting to the max – and then adds some extra fun. It’s a challenging indoor Monaco style racetrack with the latest technology. Everyone is welcome from the age of 8.

Blow your hair back
Whether you’re on your own and just want to have a few practice laps, or you’ve rounded up your friends and are ready to race, Xtreme Indoor Karting can customise an event for you. Pop in for a few laps (no booking required) or reserve your spot in a speed or endurance race. Their state-of-the-art Tag Heuer timing system gives everyone a detailed timing printout, so there will be no arguments afterwards about who had the fastest lap.

What’s under the hood?
The karts are all high-tech Birels. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then know that each one has a N 35-X chassis, 270cc Honda engine and centrifugal clutch. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. The karts are easy to drive, go super fast and have impact protection. Perfect for beginners and the seasoned speeders alike.

Beat your friends
The next time you’re planning a party (year-end function season is nearly upon us), make a reservation at Xtreme Indoor Karting. They’ll plan everything and do catering too: party packs, pizzas and even spit braais. There’s also a bar area where you can have a post-race drink and boast about your lap times. Vroom, let’s go!



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