There’s a Facebook review of the Fourways Guitar Centre: “Nice people, good chat, many guitars with great setup. If they sold beer I would stay the whole weekend…” Of course, we had to find out what it was all about.

The weird and wonderful instruments
If you want a guitar, no doubt FGC is the place to go. If your tastes are exotic, they also have a collection of unusual guitars. There’s a headless guitar, ones with two necks, ones made out of oil cans. And if you don’t want a guitar, get an amp, drum set, Chinese harp, bass, keyboard…

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Sharing the music
FGC is dedicated member of the musical community. When a guitar teacher who couldn’t afford an acoustic approached them, they made a plan to donate one. The teacher was left-handed, so they even restrung it just for him. “If he’s teaching the future generation to play guitar, then it’s only fair we give him the tools he needs,” they thought. Good guys, indeed.

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Spin it
Fancy learning to spin the disks, or whatever the kids call DJing? Go for lessons at FGC. Complete beginners can start with one-on-one lessons to make sure they get a solid foundation, while there are advanced group classes for the more experienced.

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The band
What really sets FGC apart from other music shops is the people who work there. They go the extra mile to make sure that every customer feels welcome. Ridge, the manager, is the store’s leader, and also plays lead guitar for the band Down on Wardstreet. Sipho is a part-time DJ who specialises in PA systems and makes his own deep house tracks. The newest member of the FGC team is Daniel, who runs their social media and has a background in professional audio recording and videography. Of course, he’s also in a band, Walking Down Essex, in which he’s the lead singer and bass player.

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Follow the Fourways Guitar Centre on Facebook, call them on 011 465 1930, or send them an email. But the best thing you can do is visit. They’re in the Forest Design and Decor Centre, Cnr Forest Road and Sunset Boulevard Fourways.




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