Tucked away in Fourways Mall is an oasis of health and wellness: Neal’s Yard. We popped in and discovered a range of yummy health-boosting goodies.

Eat yourself healthy

You can give into your sweet tooth without all the sugar. Pop a few Neat energy bars into your bag for when your tummy rumbles. They are free from sugar, dairy, wheat and palm oil. You should also try Superfoods Organic Raw Chocolate – the matcha mint is super good.

The bee’s knees

Chartwell Honey is locally produced in small batches and is completely natural. It’s not treated with anything or heated – pure goodness. Each jar can be traced to the maker, so quality is assured, and because the bees are buzzing about in different plants, you can choose from macadamia, wild flower and other divine flavours.

Natural remedies

If you’re feeling tired or run down, are battling with weight or can’t shake the flu, pop in for iridology (analysing your health by examining your eyes) or blood analysis. Their natural health expert can mix up a tincture just for you. There are also herbal teas for a variety of ailments.

Body beautiful

There’s a wealth of body products that are packed full of natural goodness that your skin will just love, from pretty soaps to honey-based balms.

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