A few weeks ago we told you that Cartoon Network Live! was coming to town, and we were lucky enough to be invited to the first show. #lovethisjob

The Teatro at Montecasino had a full house, bursting with excitement from the real kids and us big kids too!

The show kicked off with a crazy scientist who tried to create a friend who turned out to be a villain! In going after the bad guy, our scientist hops from one well-known show to another with the simple goal of catching Sir Doomington.

We started off with Adventure Time where the Sir Doomington wanted to destroy Candy Kingdom, then landed up in Townsville where he met the Professor and the Powerpuff Girls.

In between the action, the scientist sang entertaining and positive songs as he tried to fix the gadget that could change Sir Doomington into a good guy.

The last stop was The Amazing World of Gumball, and the show closed with a happy dance that everyone jumped and jived to!

It’s on until 8 July. Be sure to get your tickets. The kids will love it – and so will you.


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