It’s that time of the year where everything is wrapping up (work deadlines and presents) and the long holidays are beckoning. We’re looking forward to lazy summer days, watermelon, icy cocktails, and laughing with friends and family. And while we love twinkly lights, spiced wine and snowscapes, they don’t really fit in with December in South Africa. That’s when we turned to Pinterest for some locally inspired festive decorations. Warning: they are lovely!

Fat and happy
Succulents are irresistible. They have fat, juicy leaves and thrive much no matter how much you neglect them. Imagine welcoming friends and family into your home with a gorgeous green wreath on your front door!

Put your presents here
The succulent wreath will take a little talent (or a florist) and if that’s a bit higher grade for you (no judgement) dress up an indigenous plant as your tree. Use a potted aloe, cactus or South African plant instead of the Northern Hemisphere pine tree – you gotta have something to put the presents under.

Dress it up
Like all of us in the mornings, festive trees need dressing. Snowflakes and reindeer decorations can be enchanting, but locally-inspired prints and patterns on your baubles will take your decor game to the next level. Keep an eye out at markets, or buy some plain decorations and paint them with the kids.

Cutie booties
Fur linings will get you a bit sweaty in the middle of December, so go for shweshwe. The kids will love exploring the surprises these bright stockings have in store for them. You can make a pattern for these and stitch them up yourself, or you might spot some at a market.

Happy decorating!




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