St Patrick’s Day is almost here (it’s on 17 March) and we’re going to celebrate it with some delish Irish dishes. (And perhaps a dram of whiskey, but we definitely will not be dressed as leprechauns.)

Dessert first
Not everyone is a fan of Guinness. It’s rich, malty and tangy (and apparently very good for you) but it is a full-on flavour. Mix it with chocolate, however, and you have a crowd pleaser on your hands. Thank you, Nigella Lawson, for this chocolate and Guinness cake recipe. The frothy white cream cheese icing makes it look like a glass of stout. It’s just as delicious without icing, though.

Image courtesy of Nigella Lawson

Now for the veggies
The love that the people of Ireland have for potatoes is legendary. Mashed, baked, roasted, in soups and stews, it’s all good. Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish that is basically mashed potatoes, but with herbs, chives and cabbage or spinach stirred through it. And a whopping dollop of butter in it to make it creamy and gorgeous.

Image courtesy of Simply Recipes

A pot of goodness
Try this Irish lamb and turnip stew, and you will not go back. It’s easy to make, and as it stews away on the stove, your home will fill up with delectable aromas. Warning: your neighbours might knock on your door for a taste. (And if you can’t get turnips, opt for potatoes, carrots or any root vegetable.) Mop up your stew with crusty bread and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Food and Wine

Dublin what-now?
A coddle is a traditional Irish meal that is the epitome of comfort cooking. Line a pot with onions, pearl barley, cooked sausages and bacon, and then top with potato slices. Pour stock over it and let it simmer gently, then dot it with butter and finish it off in the oven. Yes please! Try Donal Skehan’s Dublin Coddle.

Image courtesy of Donal Skehan

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