Oh you shouldn’t have!

With these Valentine’s gift ideas, your partner will be doing this:

Take off your clothes

Wait, what? Hold your horses! Share in the experience of a couple’s treatment at a spa. Massages, aromatherapy, facials, rubs and scrubs – the calming options are plentiful. Life Day Spa can do it all, and they even have a floatation pool. They say that 20 minutes in it is equivalent to four hours’ sleep. But why on earth would you be missing out on sleep?

True love is forever…


And so are tattoos. That’s why you never get anyone’s name inked on you (except for a child), but it doesn’t mean you can’t make an arty statement of your love. Couple’s tattoos can match, or you can get different pieces that make a whole when they are together (aww…).

Get inked at Rim and Rubber at the Buzz – and have a meal there while you’re at it. #yum

Pop-ups to the rescue!


If your partner is into superheroes, check out the Central City Comics pop-up shop at the Mall. It’s a small space, but bursting (like the Hulk’s muscles through Bruce Banner’s shirts) with figurines and collectables. They make a very nice change from socks.

It’s the small things


In some cases, the very small things. Lingerie is a gift that can make both partners feel amazing. Have you seen what La Senza’s Valentine’s range is all about? It’s at the Mall, and you need to check it out.


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