While we love the holidays, the rush to the end of the year gets frantic and shopping for gifts for everyone can be a bit overwhelming. (Who would have thought we’d ever say that about shopping!?) Luckily for all of us, the smartypants people at Fourways Mall have made shopping for gifts super easy this festive season.

Decisions, decisions
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Having a plan makes shopping so much more enjoyable. But what do you do when you know you want to spoil your bestie with something gorgeous, but aren’t sure exactly what? You simply pick up a free copy of Life @4WM at the mall and settle down with a cup of coffee while you browse the pages.
It has gift ideas for guys, gals, kids, tecchies, and home bodies as well as stocking filler treats that fit into the budget. (Our doggo is very keen on the rainbow stilettos, and who can blame him?)

fourways mall christmas

The one-stop-everything-you-need-pop-up
So maybe you have just been super busy. We get it. Or maybe you are not a fan of shopping. We don’t really get that, but we don’t judge it either. Enter Fourways Mall’s pop up gift store. It has a range of gifts for all kinds of people. Pick up a box of Lego, a bottle of perfume or a quirky pair of socks – all in one place! No more trawling around the shops for you anymore. The pop up shop is in front of Brown’s, close to entrance 2.

fourways mall christmas pop up shop

Now open
After patiently waiting through the renovations, we starting to be rewarded with new shops opening at the mall. Hooray! Miniso has a super range of fun items at very reasonable prices. You could also pick up some fab presents at Dion Wired, Sheet Street and Mr Price Sport. Remember our old favourites like Gemini Octopus, Cardies and Big Blue.

fourways mall christmas

Santa’s little helpers
The mall is bursting with festive cheer with sparkly lights, Santa, reindeers and even elves. They are a bit taller than expected, but they are there to help all of us get ready for the holidays. Ask them for directions, to snap a pic for Instagram or to wrap your gifts in gorgeous paper with ribbons.


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