It’s that time of the year when everyone is tired and looking forward to December – which, if you didn’t realise, is only a few short weeks away. There’s still loads to do and while we are usually cheerful types, our energy levels are running a bit low. This is what we’re doing about it. You should too.

Bliss out
Massage is a wonderful way to alleviate stress and boost your mood. The physical aches and pains are soothed away while you get to close your eyes and imagine you’re blissing out in Bali. The new Deluxe Laser & Spa at Fourways Mall offers full-body, hand, head, deep tissue and oil massages. If you have time or budget constraints, run a bath, add some essential oils and light a few candles.

Smell the flowers
With all the time we spend in offices and cars, nature can be an amazing antidote to stress. When you feel your shoulders are about to touch your ears, get outside. Take a walk (we love the Walkhaven Dog Park) or a drive. We’re fortunate to have plenty of natural havens within a 30 minute drive.

Get a pet
Pets make you laugh, help you exercise more often (not fish though), and boost levels of feel-good hormones. If you’re in the market for a furbaby, adopt. Petworld at Fourways View hosts regular adoption days (keep an eye on their Facebook page where they announce the dates). 4Paws and Ark Animal Centre both have plenty of animals that are looking for furever homes. Home too small for a pet? The internet has plenty of cute animal memes and videos to get you giggling.

Be silly
There’s great joy in just letting it all go and acting like a kid. When things get serious, we get to Bounce to jump our stresses out. (There’s something very therapeutic about jumping along a trampoline and then flinging yourself into a giant beanbag.) Fun Company also has bumper cars and plenty of things you can blast away at their arcade. Both are at Fourways Mall – and afterwards you can treat yourself to an ice cream with ALL toppings at Milky Lane or Marcels.


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