It’s the beginning of the year, and we going to have an awesome one! But this isn’t one of those “new year, new you” stories or a list of resolutions that you know you will never keep. Go to gym three times a week. Stop eating sugar completely. Write in your gratitude journal every day. Learn to meditate. Do a course and get a promotion. Phew, it’s exhausting just looking at that – and you’re going to ditch it all by the middle of February anyway. This is what we suggest instead.

Be kind
Just like charity, kindness starts at home. Be kind to yourself. Unless you are a psychopath or steal other people’s lunch from the work fridge, you’re probably a fairly decent person. (Also, all our Get the 411 peeps are awesome!) So remember what makes you cool and recognise your own fabulousness. When you’re in the kindness mindest, it will naturally spill over to the people around you.

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Keep dreaming
Just because we’re not keen on new year’s resolutions doesn’t mean we don’t want to achieve anything. Quite the opposite really. We are all about big goals and making them happen. The trick is to break it down into small achievable tasks that build up to it. Want to run a marathon but the only place you walk to is the fridge, start with a trip around the block, not 5km. Give yourself a realistic timeframe and reward your small victories. That way you’re setting yourself up for success and keep feeling good about yourself.

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Reach out
If you see someone who could use a little help, step up. It doesn’t need to be a massive gesture. A smile, some encouragement, offering to reply to a client email for a colleague who is swamped… Small acts can make a big difference to other people. You never know what they are going through.

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Don’t do it all
Reaching out goes the other way, too. When you need help, ask for it. You are not expected to be a superhuman who can do everything all at once and get it all perfect. Also think about what you really need to do before you automatically do it. You can say no and you can outsource.

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