Why Movember?
It’s a hairy subject to talk about, and as fun (and itchy) as Movember can be, it does have a serious side. This is all about raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in men. So gather your bros and get that facial hair growing for a good cause!

Grow the perfect ‘tash
How do you inspire those brilliant bristles? You’ve got to start with a clean slate, or chin, so to speak. Head to Barber Lou at Fourways Mall for a proper pamper and a close shave before your Movember stash comes in.

Groom it good
As all guys know, those first few days of growing a luscious beard can be really itchy. Give your facial follicles some love by getting grooming products just for your muzzie. Check out GoodFellas Barbershop at Cedar Square for some good old fashioned baardolie.

Shave the date
The best part about this all is the 31st of November, when, as much as you’ve come to love your friendly neighbourhood mustache, it’s time for you to part ways with it, knowing that you’ve done something for your bros around the world. Remember to help raise funds by signingup at za.movember.com



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