One of the great things about Instagram (apart from the cat and food pictures) is getting to know new people, and recently we’ve been chatting to Elizabeth Ferguson, an American who is living in Fourways for the next little while. We asked her about her impressions of Fourways, and this is what she had to say.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m from Washington, D.C. where I am a lecturer at George Mason University. I teach in the English Department, technical writing and researching and writing for the various faculties. Also, I teach a study abroad course to South Africa every January where students learn about social movements in South Africa. Each year the programme has a slightly different focus, but generally the students learn about the parallels and differences between the struggles for equality in the US and South Africa.

Why did you choose to live in Fourways?
I was first attracted to the area because of the boxing and kickboxing gyms in the area! When a friend of mine suggested the area for its safety, I was convinced.

“Fourways really has a bit of everything, great retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and I’ve already seen a live show at Montecasino. “

What’s your favourite thing about South Africa?
Oh gosh! This is such a difficult question! And it’s also one that I get asked a lot and so you’d think that I’d have a good answer, but I don’t. In Love, Africa author Jeffrey Gettleman argues, “It’s easy to explain why you like something. But love? That’s tricky. That’s a story, not a sentence.” I do love it here.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Right now my favourite thing to do in my spare time is discover new places in the area! I’m still brand new to Fourways and I really love going to new coffee shops, cafes, and stores. Right now my new favourite hangout is Thirdspace. Since I work from home this is a great alternative space to my apartment! The coffee is really good there and I love the variety of workspaces available. It’s also really nice that they encourage table sharing because I’ve met some nice people that way too.

Everyone I’ve met has been super friendly and welcoming! When people find out that I’ve just moved here they are quick to give me recommendations for bakeries or upcoming events that I should attend. That’s been a pleasant surprise.

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram or her blog for great food pictures and her impressions of South Africa.



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