What’s the quickest way to get a summer body? Have a body in summer. Simple! Silliness aside, we’ve got our fitness mojo on so we went hunting for four great places in Fourways to work out, get strong and feel good.

Get thee to the gym!
A gym membership can provide the right kind of motivation to get fit and strong (and not just because the monthly fees will go to waste if you don’t go). With classes from cycling to stretching and swimming to boot camp, the Planet Fitness Megaclub at the Buzz Shopping Centre is our go-to choice. We also like to give ourselves a smoothie reward when we’re done.

Smash it
Wanna get strong? Got an annoying colleague? Smith’s Boxing Gym at Cedar Square is where you need to be! As you’d imagine, there’s boxing, but also strength training and pilates. If boxing doesn’t have enough tripping and shoving for you, try MMA. There are also anti-bullying classes for kids that teach self-confidence and coordination.

Chill out
After all that sweaty punching, go for sweaty stretching. Yoga isn’t just chanting and touching your toes – you can get a great full body holistic workout. Indie Yoga (3 Quartz Road, Witkoppen) offers a range of classes, from calming yin to invigorating flow. You don’t need to be super bendy to start. Give it a go and come December, you could be pulling moves like this on the beach.

Don’t get cross, get fit
CrossFit 360 Vida offers up an introductory class to get us all hooked, and then multiple classes and training sessions a day. Not sure what CrossFit is? Each class is different but you can expect functional fitness done at high intensity. You could get anything from squats and pull ups, to running, gymnastics and weight training. Every move can be adjusted to your ability (we’re still a bit scared) and the result is total body fitness and strength like you never thought you’d achieve.

Let’s do this!




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