What would you say if we told you there’s a place where you can satisfy your pizza craving – no matter how exotic your tastes are or what kind of dietary restrictions you have – 24 hours a day? We’re not teasing, such a place exists: Andiccio24.

Choose your toppings
One of the unique things about Andiccio24 is that there isn’t a menu. That means each customer gets to create their own meal that hits every craving. There are ingredients for every taste, from parma ham to wors, roast almonds to salami, pickled beetroot to mushrooms, mozzarella to brie, basil to za’atar… A pregnant customer used to order biltong and banana, while there was a late night dare that involved putting EVERY topping on a single pizza. It came out quite high…

A pizza for everyone – even banters
For people who are gluten intolerant, vegan or banting, pizza might be a source of sadness, but Andiccio24 has an answer. With gluten-free, whole wheat and 10 types of banting bases, there is a pizza for everyone! There’s cauliflower and zucchini, as well as ginger and turmeric, pumpkin, and garlic and basil. Wait, what about the vegans? Well, swap out your mozzarella with vegan cheese (that actually melts properly) and you’re all set.

Hey sweetie!
It’s not just about cheesy goodness at Andiccio24. You can create your own dessert pizza with a nutella base and all the sweets you desire. There are also milkshakes and Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Even better, there will soon be 4 extra exclusive flavours that you can only get at Häagen-Dazs stores, nowhere else!

The thing that stands out most about Andiccio24 is that it’s a family friendly place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So the next time you’re on your way back from a wedding late at night or need a mid-week pizza fix, get to Andiccio24, either at the Buzz or Leaping Frog. They’ll soon be on Order In or you can call them directly for free delivery until midnight. What’s not to love?


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