Chicken a grocery staple, but sometimes we get stuck in a bit of a recipe rut, cooking up the same old stir fries and grilled chicken breasts. So we went hunting for inspiration on our second favourite place: the Internet. (Our most favourite place is Fourways, of course!) Try these recipes and you’ll be crowing with delight.

For a quick and delish dinner in under 20 minutes, Mexican chicken pasta by Delish is your friend. It’s flavoured with the warm spicy tastes of Mexico with cumin, oregano and chili. The dish is finished off with cheese (mmm) and milk for super creaminess. If you can’t get Monterey Jack cheese, just double up with cheddar.

Does it all on one
Let’s face it. Cooking is only one part of the work because there are dishes to do at the end. One-pot dishes make life so much easier, and once you taste Laughing Spatula’s roast chicken with sausage and potato bake, it will become a go-to meal for you and your family. (Do yourself a favour and check out their recipes. Simple and yummy!)

Image courtesy of Laughing Spatula

The spice route
Curry favour with your friends and family when you make this five ingredient chicken tikka masala by Pinch of Yum. They have a recipe for making your own masala paste – great for when you’ve got time to enjoy cooking – but you can get it premade from the supermarket.

Image courtesy of Pinch of Yum

South African Italian taste sensation
Chicken scarpariello is an Italian American dish that usually uses red peppers and sometimes sausage too, flavoured with herbs and lemon. This version by Food and Wine switches the peppers for our very own Peppadews for a spicy sweetness. Serve it with rice, or crusty bread if you don’t want another thing to wash up.

Image courtesy of Food and Wine

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