Can we be honest for a minute? We know we’re supposed to eat salads but sometimes they are just a little… well… sucky. Too much limp lettuce, sad tomatoes, dressing that tastes like it’s been in the fridge just a week too long. And then you’re still hungry afterwards. There’s a lot that can go wrong with chopped up veggies. So we went searching for some out-of-the-bowl salads that definitely do not suck. The interwebs did not let us down.

Hey sweetie
Roasted sweet potatoes are balanced out with salty parma ham and parmesan cheese in this Grilled Sweet Potato Salad from Tablespoon Kitchens. There’s a bit of a kick from chili flakes and a crunch from kale. (And if you are a kale hater, choose another lettuce. Rocket would be great.)

salads fourways
Image courtesy of Tablespoon Kitchens

Herby heaven
This Green Goddess salad by Heather Christo is like a spring garden coming to life. It’s an explosion of fresh peas, radishes, edamame beans, avo and salad leaves topped with a tangy dressing of mustard and rice vinegar. Heaven!

salads fourways
Image courtesy of Heather Christo

Your new favourite
This roasted plum, kale and ricotta salad by the wizards at Bon Appetit only has three main ingredients, but they are the perfect marriage of soft and crunchy, savory and sweet. For a twist, try roasting nectarines and using soft goat cheese.

Image courtesy of Bon Appetit

The taste of summer
For a summer lunch, look no further than a salmon, asparagus and orzo salad. The rice-shaped pasta (called risoni in this recipe from The Brick Kitchen) is a lovely complement to the fresh salmon and asparagus flavours, and won’t leave you hungry afterwards.  

Image courtesy of The Brick Kitchen



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