Eat like a Greek
Greek food is just sooooo good, and nothing is more representative of Greek food than lamb koftas. These flavoursome little snacks might not look like much, but they’ve got all the rich flavours of Corfu crammed in, plus they’re easy to make!

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No one says no to bacon
You can’t lose with bacon, and the best of all is that it goes with sweet or savoury, plus it’s easy to wrap around things and put it on a stick! Pretend to be healthy by adding a date into the mix with these delicious bacon and date appetisers.

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Bless the USA
Corn Diggity Dog! If you’ve ever had this deep-fried sausage snack, you’ll know how crunchy and delish it can be. It’s a little trickier than making lamb koftas, but the effort of making these corn dogs is definitely worth it!

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Cake pops
Sweet things on a stick immediately makes you think of ice-cream right? But there are so many delicious goodies that you can make using that bamboo tool! To round of your night of sticky-foods, try making these sweet and satisfying cake pops.



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