Thanks to these recipes we’re warming up our work lunches with steaming bowls of delicious soup. It’s tasty, healthy and easy – just what we want in our lunchbox. Cook up a big pot on a Sunday afternoon, pop it individual containers and freeze, then grab one as you dash out the door in the morning.

Spice, spice, baby

Add a zing of heat to the day with this creamy, spicy cauliflower soup. It uses coconut milk instead of cream, which makes it smooth and silky, but not rich.

Image courtesy of Produce on Parade

Take a trip

Wishing you could be exploring a Moroccan souk instead of being copied in on emails? Haira is traditional spicy Moroccan soup, and this version is packed with carrots, sweet potatoes and lentils.

Image courtesy of BBC Good Food

The secret ingredient

Add a dollop of basil pesto to a roast tomato soup and you get this awesomeness. It tastes like heaven and it’s full of healthy goodness.

Image courtesy of The Little Spice Jar
Image courtesy of The Little Spice Jar

Comfort in a bowl

There’s nothing like chicken soup when it comes to comfort food. This chicken and lentil soup is brothy and aromatic and finished with parmesan instead of cream. Try it and fall in love.

Image courtesy of The Kitchn

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