It’s time to round up your friends and go out for drinks! This is where the cocktail fun happens in Fourways – virgin options abound.

Take your clothes off

We know it’s our kind of place when there’s a neon sign behind the bar that says “Rum makes my clothes come off”. Roxanne’s Rum Eatery at Pineslopes is a fun, irreverent place to spend time with your friends at the end of the day or week. Of course there are rums (to sip and mix), grown-up shakes (bubblegum tequila!) and a host of cocktails. Our fave is the Dita Von Teese: white rum with litchi, guava, lime and cranberry.

Image credit: Roxanne’s Rum Eatery

Straight out the bottle

If you think cocktails are foofy, we’ve still got you covered: kick back with authentic Mozambican beers at Laurentina at Cedar Square. Unwind with your friends and a bottle or two in the afternoon sun (Joburg winters have plenty of perks).

Show your stripes

Our fave new kid on the block, Tiger’s Milk, has a collection of cocktails that we are slowly drinking our way through. (It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.) Apricot and bacon old fashioned, thyme and mango margarita, sherry and strawberry sherbet… It’s too yummy. Start with the gin-infused gunslinger. Bonus: every day from 4-7pm you get half price on selected cocktails, wines and beers. Meet you at the bar! (It’s at Cedar Square, in case you somehow missed it.)

Spice it up

Cedar Square’s Asian spot, Kong, serves up the cocktails we love but with a fusion twist. The margarita gets a delicate cherry flavour, while the martini gets cool and zingy cucumber and lemongrass, along with a hit of Japanese rice wine.




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