A cocktail (or 2 – just call an Uber) is the perfect way to end a balmy summer day, so we rounded up 4 of our fave cocktail spots.

Naughty and nice
When there’s an entire section on the cocktail menu called “3-Ways”, you know there’s a good time on the horizon. These tall glasses served at Cubana at Cedar Square have 3 layers of flavour – the more the merrier! You’ve gotta try this one that combines purple passion crush and black tequila, orange juice and Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels and pineapple.

Rip roaring fun
Chicago’s Piano Bar (at Waterford) is the place to be for roaring 20s-style entertainment. Order yourself a Big Swing and let the fizz of ginger ale and gin go straight to your head. And then head straight to the dancefloor.

Easy tiger
For a modern take on roaring entertainment, Tiger’s Milk is where it’s at. (And it’s at Cedar Square.) Get there between 4 and 7pm every day for their Pick Your Poison special: 2 for the price of 1 on select wine, beer and cocktails. Choose between a Thyme to Fig Out (gin, fig, thyme, lemon and Pongrácz), Gogo Juice (Olmeca Black, cucumber, kale and lemon – for the health conscious obvs) or a classic daiquiri.

Foxy Roxy
Drinks, eats, tattoos, quirky decor… There are plenty of reasons to go to Roxanne’s Rum Eatery at Pineslopes. Here’s one more: The Maya Angelou. It’s a poetic blend of Bacardi, pineapple, coconut, activated charcoal and fresh lime juice. Ooh!


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