When you’ve had a long day at the office, or you’re settling down for some Netflix and chill on a Saturday evening, you just need to add pizza to make everything better. These are our four favourite takeaway pizza places in Fourways.

Your pizza, your way

At Andiccio 24, it’s all about you and exactly you want on your pizza. Build your own to satisfy any kind of craving – stay traditional or go wild with fig preserves, pine nuts, za’atar or jellytots (for the Nutella dessert pizza). The health conscious can have wholewheat, cauliflower and gluten free bases, and there’s even vegan cheese. Delivery is free, 24 hours a day! There are branches at The Buzz and Leaping Frog.

Wood fired perfection

There’s nothing quite like a thin crust pizza fresh from a traditional wood oven – and that’s exactly what you get at Pizza Perfect at the Waterford Centre. The menu is extensive, so get a couple and share. Their Perfect Pizza is a must: salami, ham, mushroom, onion, green peppers and garlic.

All the cheese!

If you’re the kind of person who always adds a little extra cheese, Debonairs is for you. Stacked pizzas, stuffed crusts, meaty cram-deckers (which is a three-layer pizza with a pork cheese griller in the crust)… It’s decadent and delicious! (Don’t worry, they also offer Slim Fit pizzas that have half the cheese.) Stop by the Food Court in Fourways Mall after your shopping and pick yours up.

Bonus! Their On the Double special gives you two large pizzas for just R129.90!

Deep dish delish

Sink your teeth into a deep dish Pizza Hut creation and your taste buds will dance in happiness. (Maybe not your skinny jeans, but that’s tomorrow’s problem, right?) Have a pan pizza (thick crust), traditional, stuffed crust, or cheesy bites – little bursts of cheesy deliciousness surrounding your pizza. It’s at Cedar Square. Yum!

There’s too much cheese! – said no one ever

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