It’s love month, which of course means bottles of bubbly will be popping at romantic tables for two. When it comes to food and wine pairings, there are two ways you can go: match the flavours in the wine with the flavours in the food – like acidic and acidic – or try a contrast – like acidic and fatty. The only one that is a no-no is dry bubbly with a rich chocolate cake. The sharpness and super sweetness will make your taste buds unhappy, and who wants that?

Want to add some fizz to your romantic dinner? Give these a go:

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A classic start

It may sound like a bit of a cliche, but bubbly and oysters are a classic. The shellfish has a creaminess that goes wonderfully with the zing of a brut. You could also go for sushi and even calamari.

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Duck (no, not our Fourways ducks!) is a beautiful meat to serve with Champagne or MCC because the fattiness is balanced perfectly by the acidity of the wine. 

Give this duck breast and plum recipe a try.

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Sweet nothings

So if a rich chocolate fondant is out, what to do? It can work well to have a demi-sec bubbly to match the sweetness of your dessert. Think about puddings that have a little spice or sourness. Lemon and raspberry combos are yummy, as is this pear tart with candied ginger

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Get the crackers

If you prefer to keep the sweetness for declarations of love, finish off your meal with a cheese plate. Take yours up a notch with a rich and creamy cheese like cambozola. Now’s not the time for something plain like gouda, but don’t go for a full-on stinker either. Because there might be some kissing later…

Bottoms up!




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