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Fourways local developer hits the big time with his app

Digital Device Photography Editing Concept

In a move that makes me wish I’d paid more attention in maths classes, local wunderkind Jesse Casanova has just made $2.8 million for selling a minority share in his app!

The smarty-pants in Silicon Valley know a good thing when they see it and jumped at the chance to get a 49% share of Jesse’s app, Omegah, for about R33.5 million.

It’s all a bit top secret at the moment, but this next-generation social media app will be, in Jesse’s words, “pretty f**king crazy.”

More details will only be released closer to the launch, early next year, but one thing we know for sure is that it will be on all our phones.

Mark these expos in your diary now.

Get the 411 Fourways Expos
Modern scandinavian decor in open space apartment with textured concrete wall, dining area, gray couch and yellow accessories

Expose yourself!

Keep learning and your mind will be forever young. Or at least we hope so. It’s “expo” season at the TicketPro Dome, which means there is plenty of information (and fun outings) on offer.

Homemakers’ Expo 22-25 February



Celebrate everything that makes your home the beautiful place it is. Expect fresh inspiration, demonstrations and the latest decor trends.

 R100 per adult. R50 per pensioner. Under 12s free.


Hobby X 1-4 March


If you are into photography, crafting, sewing, DIY, upcycling or even car restoration, this is for you. Go and celebrate doing the things that you love. You could come home with rainbow coloured wool and a chainsaw. (For reals.)

 R100 per adult. R20 per kid 6 to 12.


Wedding Expo 10-11 March.


Round up your bride tribe and get serious about your big day. Expect to sample cakes, see decor demos and maybe even win your dream wedding!

 R120 per adult. R30 per child 2 to 10.

Tickets for all these expos are available here

What the Year of the Dog has in store for us

Get the 411 Year of the Dog

An auspicious year will begin on 16 February. According to the Chinese zodiac, when the New Moon rises, it will be the Year of the Dog. The most faithful companion to humans will lend its loyal, intelligent and protective energy to us.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in many Asian societies to mark the arrival of spring. It’s a time for fresh starts, so if you’ve forgotten about the resolutions you made a few weeks ago, you mutt as well give them a second chance.

What’s in store?

The Year of the Dog is all about change. Plenty of things will be happening, so be ready for action.

What kind of action? Well, it’s good for finances and career opportunities, which does mean some hard work. Go out and look for opportunities, instead of waiting for scraps to fall from the table.

The Year of the Dog is sometimes known to bring health problems and challenges, so we should all be taking care of our wellbeing. (See above about forgotten New Year’s resolutions, and then find your gym gear.)

The New Year falls just two days after Valentine’s Day, and the Dog is auspicious in the realm of love, particularly marriage. There’s a thought to make tails wag.

Join the party

The start of the Lunar Year is a time for family celebrations, so call your nearest and dearest and join in the fun. It’s traditional to spring clean your home, wear red, and eat dim sum, mandarins and fish. (Not together – obvs.)

Happy New Year!

Sparkle with these food and bubbly pairings

get the 411 valentines ideas

It’s love month, which of course means bottles of bubbly will be popping at romantic tables for two. When it comes to food and wine pairings, there are two ways you can go: match the flavours in the wine with the flavours in the food – like acidic and acidic – or try a contrast – like acidic and fatty. The only one that is a no-no is dry bubbly with a rich chocolate cake. The sharpness and super sweetness will make your taste buds unhappy, and who wants that?

Want to add some fizz to your romantic dinner? Give these a go:

get the 411 valentines ideas

A classic start

It may sound like a bit of a cliche, but bubbly and oysters are a classic. The shellfish has a creaminess that goes wonderfully with the zing of a brut. You could also go for sushi and even calamari.

get the 411 valentinesQuack quack

Duck (no, not our Fourways ducks!) is a beautiful meat to serve with Champagne or MCC because the fattiness is balanced perfectly by the acidity of the wine. 

Give this duck breast and plum recipe a try.

get the 411 pear and ginger dessert
Image credit: Epicurious

Sweet nothings

So if a rich chocolate fondant is out, what to do? It can work well to have a demi-sec bubbly to match the sweetness of your dessert. Think about puddings that have a little spice or sourness. Lemon and raspberry combos are yummy, as is this pear tart with candied ginger

get the 411 cheese platter

Get the crackers

If you prefer to keep the sweetness for declarations of love, finish off your meal with a cheese plate. Take yours up a notch with a rich and creamy cheese like cambozola. Now’s not the time for something plain like gouda, but don’t go for a full-on stinker either. Because there might be some kissing later…

Bottoms up!



Hot off the Broadway stage, The Illusionists are here!

get the 411 the illusionists

Prepare to be wowed by The Illusionists! This isn’t just another chopping-women-in-half/guessing-your-card-trick fest. This is magic like you have never seen it before.


A group of eight magicians with out-of-this-world talent are astounding and delighting audiences with their feats that involve levitation, mind reading, disappearances and more – all done with an old-school theatricality that would make Houdini proud.

Tickets range from R200 to R500, and the show runs at The Teatro Montecasino until 11 March. Don’t miss out – book now!


Be that person who sticks to their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

marathon runner running rocks in mountain. closeup of legs compression socks and shoes

Location, location, location. It’s not just for estate agents; it’s a good rule of thumb for working out too. If your desire to exercise is waning as the year gets into full swing, try these great spots for a motivation boost.

Go big or go home

get the 411 planet fitness mega club
Image source: Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Megaclub at the Buzz Shopping Centre has got something for all kinds of exercisers, from the super sweaters and flexers to the gentle stretchers. Feel the burn at a boot camp class, or get your Zen on at their body-mind classes like Tai-chi and yoga. If you’re feeling brave, find out for yourself what an aqua attack class is. (Actually it’s not scary – it’s a dance class in the pool.) 

Run free

get the 411 kingfisher park

For family fitness, pack everyone up and head to Kingfisher Park. The kids and dogs can run wild, off their leads – the dogs, that is. (Although you can let the kids off their leads, too.) Right next to the dog park is a skate park, if you’re looking for a new kind of fitness kick. Just wear a helmet.

Off the beaten track

get the 411 pwc bike park Image source: PwC Bike Park

While it’s not technically in Fourways, the PwC Bike Park is close enough. It’s got 13km of trails for bikers and trail runners, set in a gorgeous natural wetland. Whether you’re a devoted cyclist or a beginner wanting to learn, there’s a trail for you, and even bikes for hire and instructors. Small adventurous people are also catered for with easy kiddies’ trails and jumping castles.  


get the 411 silent yoga montecasino

Stretch into the ultimate me-time with Silent Yoga. Once you’ve rolled out your mat (which you need to bring) you’ll be given a set of headphones so you can connect to your own private stretch (and strength – yoga is not for sissies) session. It’s every Saturday at the Pivot, Southern Sun Montecasino. The class starts at 8am, but you need to arrive at 7:30 for registration. It is followed by meditation, so you can just float out into the weekend.  

Hey hey hey! Get ready for some fireworks with Katy Perry live in concert

Get the 411 Katy Perry Witness tour

Prepare yourself for a night out that will not only be an auditory extravaganza but a visual feast. The girl who kissed a girl (and liked it) is delighting us on 18 and 20 July!

Get the 411 katy perry live in SA
(image credit: Variety)

Katy Perry’s Witness tour is a musical journey through her biggest hits, and also “an imaginative trip from outer-space to inner-space”. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but we can’t wait to find out.

get the 411 katy perry live in south africa
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AEG)

Get your tickets for what will be a spectacular night at the Ticketpro Dome through Computicket or Big Concerts. Katy Cat is waiting!

For ducks’ sake!

get the 411 ducks at fourways mall

Our favourite feathery friends, the ducks of the Fourways Mall dam, just want to live in Fourways – and who can blame them? The dam’s quality of water is a major concern for all of us, even the mall developers, who relocated the ducks previously, but the quackers just came back.

get the 411 ducks at fourways mall

The developers proactively appointed an environmental engineer and started cleaning up the water, but because the dam is not part of their property, the High Court ordered them to stop.


They are in the process of getting authorisation from the council to continue making the dam habitable for the ducks. Let’s hope the council gets their act together ASAP. In the meantime, the developers are cleaning up the litter that pollutes the dam from adjacent properties.